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Enabling Seamless Digital Journey with Hybrid IT

In today's fast-paced world, competition could come from anywhere, and long before you know it, your business would get disrupted. This is no longer theoretical talk, but a practical reality with plenty of examples of traditional businesses getting disrupted by small or relatively new players.

Just see how quickly mobile wallets disrupted the financial services sector, or how quickly travel booking apps disrupted the hotel industry. Just look at how e-commerce disrupted traditional retail, or how OTT is disrupting traditional Pay TV consumption. In each example, digitally led companies managed to carve out a thriving business for themselves by using the right combination of digital technologies, platform and business model. While each digitally led business has its own unique business model, one thing common to all is an agile IT infrastructure.

Traditional organizations could either join the digital bandwagon and return to their growth path, or wait to be disrupted. So, to take the next steps, the key thing to understand is that going digital is not a one-time, big-bang IT implementation. It's a continuous journey that requires an agile and responsive IT infrastructure at every step.

We live in a consumption world - music, TV shows, groceries, air travel and much more. Why? Because consuming services delivers a better outcome faster, in our personal lives and in business. Today, you might focus on improving internal operational efficiency and tomorrow, the business priority could be to enhance customer outreach, and day after customer experience could become your key business priority. This type of business agility requires rapid innovation, for which enterprises require a seamless IT infrastructure that responds quickly to change.

They require an IT infrastructure that can scale up or down as per the business requirement, be flexible enough to host any application quickly, or even burst into any public cloud when required and shrink back into your own premises when the job is done.

Traditional IT infrastructure and applications are just not geared to handle such agility, because they were built for a different purpose.

What every enterprise therefore needs today is a hybrid IT infrastructure?

The ET CIO Roundtable will uncover why enterprises need a hybrid IT infrastructure, and the key questions to ask before embracing one. It will bring together industry experts to highlight why a hybrid IT infrastructure is the ideal platform for enterprises to achieve seamless business growth.

The roundtable will also uncover success stories of enterprises who've used a hybrid IT infrastructure to succeed on their digital journey.

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